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Hatzolah Darom is an Emergency Rescue Service covering many cities in the South of Israel. Volunteers are available 24/7 for calls and are saving lives non stop. Emergency calls are directed to the volunteers who have undergone professional and comprehensive training to assist in every possible situation and are equipped by the organization with the best and most advanced equipment...

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Tension in the south

A Gaza missile attack on the southern country has brought the South Rescue Drives to dangerous, bleeding, and complex challenges. Saving an immediate life under rocket barrage and intense blasts is one of the more difficult experiences. But South Rescue Drives were there 24 hours a day, helping dozens of casualties.

Organization activities 24/7/365

מתנדבי הצלה דרום זמינים לקריאות 24/7 ומצילים חיים ללא הפסקה. קריאות חרום שונות מופנות אל המתנדבים שעוברים הכשרות למקרים שונים ומצוידים ע"י הארגון במיטב הציוד.
הם זמינים ופרוסים בכל רחבי הדרום ונענים בתוך דקות ספורות לכל קריאה.


Hatzolah Darom does not limit its resources, and invests huge capital in purchasing the highest quality and best life-saving equipment available on the market. Volunteers carry first-aid bags packed with expensive equipment justifying its cost every time they are used, with the help of volunteers who are able to save lives, time and time again. The organization also invests in the community and distributes first aid cabinets in homeless places while providing community guidance on immediate response for the first moments until rescue forces arrive.

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