The 5784 Pogroms

We all know now that tousands of cold-blooded terrorists crashed into southern Israel this past Simchas Torah and viciously slaughtered infants, women and elderly Jews in numbers unknown to our people since the Holocaust and World War II. The terrorists murdered 1500, injured thousands, and kidnapped more than 200. Yet despite these atrocities and the dangers that persist, the volunteers of Hatzolah Darom continue to enter this place of evil and unimaginable cruelty

By preserving their lives, you enable them to save the lives and ease the suffering of thousands of displaced Jewish citizens

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Dedication ceremony for the Volunteers’ House and launch point in Ashdod combining the intake of 26 volunteers for MDA – Hatzalah Darom in Ashdod

Yesterday (Monday) MDA – Hatzalah Darom volunteers and the Magen David Adom (MDA) in Israel management dedicated the Volunteers’ House and launch point in Ashdod. This was in conjunction with the ceremony to mark the end of an emergency medicine paramedics’ course and the intake of 26 volunteers and people on-call for emergency medicine in southern Israel. The ceremony began with the Chairman of Hatzalah Darom, Rabbi Michoel Schwartz, and Director of the MDA Lachish region, Director of Area Haim Cardi, cutting the ribbon for the Volunteers’ House, and immediately after that Hatzalah’s rabbi, Rabbi Moshe Bunim Mintz, was honored with affixing the mezuzah. After a l’chaim, the volunteers sat down to a festive meal, during which representatives of MDA and Hatzalah Darom spoke.

Organization activities 24/7/365

The Hatzalah Darom volunteers are on call 24/7 and are perpetually saving lives. Various emergency calls are referred to the volunteers who are trained to help with a variety of incidents and who receive the best possible equipment from the organization. They are always prepared and spread throughout southern Israel, and answer every call within a few minutes.


Hatzalah Darom does not skimp on its resources, and invests huge sums in purchasing the highest quality and best life-saving equipment on the market. The organization’s volunteers carry first aid bags full of expensive items of equipment which repeatedly justify their price tag after being used over and over again to save lives. The organization also invests in the community and distributes first aid cabinets to public places with many people, while providing community training for its emergency use during the first minutes until emergency forces arrive

L’ilui nishmas Aharon Haimov Hy”d,
who was murdered by despicable terrorists while trying to save lives

May his memory be for a blessing

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