The 5784 Pogroms

We all know now that tousands of cold-blooded terrorists crashed into southern Israel this past Simchas Torah and viciously slaughtered infants, women and elderly Jews in numbers unknown to our people since the Holocaust and World War II. The terrorists murdered 1500, injured thousands, and kidnapped more than 200. Yet despite these atrocities and the dangers that persist, the volunteers of Hatzolah Darom continue to enter this place of evil and unimaginable cruelty
At this very moment, hundreds of our dedicated volunteers are rushing from call to call throughout southern Israel to save lives — even as missiles continue to rain down — standing side by side with our soldiers, assisting hundreds and thousands of displaced citizens with their personal needs — food, clothing, medical care etc

So please help Hatzolah Darom to help others. Please help us to purchase bullet-proof vests and protective helmets for our volunteers and also purchase food packages to so many displaced citizens who are in great need due to the unfortunate consequences

By preserving their lives, you enable them to save the lives and ease the suffering of thousands of displaced Jewish citizens
Please donate generously

My sincere thanks, and let's hope for a speedy yeshuas klal yisroel
Rabbi Michoel Schwartz
Executive Director
Hatzolah Darom
Tax ID 36-4591594

Aharon Haimov, Hatzalah Darom’s devoted volunteer, answered the call for help as he was used to, at 6.40 a.m. on the morning of Simchas Torah, after hearing desperate calls on his beeper. Without knowing who it was he ran to save lives just as he had been doing for years, on Shabbos and Yom Tov too, during the day and at night. But this was his last time. Aharon Haimov, Hy”d, was attacked by gunfire from accursed terrorists, and now he can no longer save lives. May his memory be for a blessing

L’ilui nishmaso we will do everything to save the lives of the other devoted volunteers, and supply them with protective vests and helmets and basic equipment to protect both themselves and others.

Aharon Haimov, Hy”d

TAX ID 364591594

$480 – for a ceramic bullet-proof vest

$400 – for a bullet-proof helmet

$720 – for a first aid kit

$1800 – for a life-saving defibrillator

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