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Meir Ashkenazi: Hatzolah Darom Spokesperson

The MADA- Hatzolah Darom drives South was called by the focal point of Magen David Adom drive to a car accident on Route 35 at the entrance to the Mishan settlement.

"A-rescue" drives South and Red star of David who arrived in the area gave preliminary medical attention to a motorcycle rider injured by vehicles.

Magen David Adom Ambulance evacuated the wounded for treatment at the Medical Center in mid-state

MADA- Hatzolah Darom was called through the MADA headquarters about a serious traffic accident on President Weizmann Blvd. in Ashdod.

Headquarters called volunteers and told them to go to an urgent care to save the life of a 15 year old boy that was hit by a car while riding an electric scooter.

Magen David Adom Intensive care unit gave the boy a follow-up at Assuta Medical Center in the city once he was in stable condition.

Hatzolah Darom received a call from MADA headquarters about a car accident on Route 80 between Ararah and Ksefah.

HD-MADA driver Roi Cohen Sasson, who arrived at the site, gave primary medical care to one who was moderately wounded and two who were lightly wounded in the Magen David Adom ambulance. He then transferred the wounded to the hospital for treatment.

Cinematography: MADA Spokesman

MADA- Hatzolah Darom was called by the headquarters of Magen David Adom about a severe road accident on Route 34 at the entrance to Yechini junction.

"A-rescue" drives south from the Sderot team * and protective teams from the Red Star of David who arrived in the area gave primary medical attention to a man injured as a result of the revolutions of the vehicle

A Magen David Adom emergency car transferred the injured person to continue treatment at the medical Center in mid-state

Photo: "A-rescue Darom"

MADA- Hatzolah Darom received a call from headquarters about a serious injury in the industrial zone on Route 25 near Netivot.

They arrived at the site, gave primary medical care to three casualties injured during their work.

A Magen David Adom Ambulance took them for further treatment at the hospital. One injured person in severe condition and two wounded in moderate condition.

Photo by: Hatzolah Darom spokesman

MADA- Hatzolah Darom has an annual fundraiser in Arad. It is in conjunction with the blood bank of Magen David Adom. This week during the fundraiser 91 blood packets were donated to the blood bank.

Throughout the evening many residents came to donate blood. A Hatzolah Darom volunteer- Yosef Haim Alendoff, who organized the fundraiser for the last few years spoke and said: “Baruch Hashem from year to year we see a considerable increase in the amount of people who came to donate blood.

CEO of Hatzolah Darom Menachem Schwartz says: “Despite the greater estimates from last year, the number of people who arrived this year was far beyond the expected until even the end of the fundraiser.

We are looking forward for the coming donations, and in coordination with Magen David Adom's blood bank we will team up to make it possible for  anyone interested in participating to donate blood and save lives.

Photo: MADA- Hatzolah Darom spokesman

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